Парк → Bias ⋅ spring 2020

Парк → No! ⋅ autumn 2019

Парк → Floattery ⋅ autumn 2019

Парк → Scrollfer ⋅ summer 2019

Logo for “Solid Investor” financial company

Logo and style for “Digmus” blockchain startup

Corporate style and site for Baikal design camp

Name and style for “Norm” smart house system

Corporate style for George Garanian Big Band

Mobile site for “ AAA  Motors” car dealership

“About” section on the US site for Dodo Pizza

Парк → Буквы-тянучки ⋅ весна 2021

Парк → Moodworld ⋅ spring 2019

Most likely, you will never see this project description here. We have a google doc instead!

Weird Designer

Eugene Arutyunov's book on work culture, thinking, communication and leadership for experienced designers and other creative kids.

Modulbank Delo

Media about business. About accounting, contracts, laws, revisions and taxes. And about people, their stories, doubts and life.

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Designers, editors and developers. We create brands, online media and digital products.

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