Welcome to the Intuition Park! The place where designers, editors, and developers create small experimental side projects just for fun. Their goals are various: they want to learn something new, learn how to work in teams and to be a leader, to meet new people and enjoy the process. All this happens via the Internet.

We suggest that you learn something new. The thing is that any project needs just a teaspoon of technologies per a full glass of basic skills; you should know how to articulate your ideas, create layouts for texts, write code and finish your projects. We work on these skills as well. This is not for newbies.

Here is what we have done:

Matches ⋅ summer 2020

Bias ⋅ spring 2020

Safe driving ⋅ spring 2020

No! ⋅ autumn 2019

Floattery ⋅ autumn 2019

Scrollfer ⋅ summer 2019

Razgovorometr ⋅ spring 2019

Bad Trip Game ⋅ summer 2018

True grain ⋅ summer 2020

On the face ⋅ summer 2020

Bar or pie ⋅ spring 2020

Prostcards ⋅ spring 2020

Voiceceraptor-9000 ⋅ spring 2020

DRUГ ⋅ autumn 2019

Dorogaya Vitrina ⋅ autumn 2019

00:07:49 ⋅ summer 2019

Layout Mash ⋅ summer 2019

Radioemoji ⋅ spring 2019

Moodworld ⋅ spring 2019

Food Casino ⋅ spring 2019

The park has opened, so now it is closed

The Park projects are games, plugins, widgets, kits, aggregators, generators, texts and images that are more or less useless. Useless things are very important! They help you have a wider vision of the world than the product-market-fit point of view. But it is also important to create something viable and popular, we do not forget about it.

The Park is not a school! There are no teachers or plans. We neither give grades nor certificates. However the Park is not the Wild Wild West, we have principles, mentors and a fixed schedule. This helps operate as a whole and stay absolutely free at the same time.


We do our best to set as few rules as possible: the fewer rules – the more place for playing. Though we have "a case law" and cases. Here is a post about these cases (in Russian, sorry). The Intuition team principles apply for the Park as well – they set correct expectations and help make decisions.

Unwanted advice

A Park mentor is not an art director, not a team lead and not acoordinator. The mentors are not members of any teams and do not push anyone. They give an outside opinion, ask complex questions and try to answer yours. If a team is very good and self-organized, the mentors do not interfere with them.


Will help to make your way through messed up ideas. Will give advice about making your design better.


Will help to choose the stack and create the architecture. He can even have a look at your code!


Will help to see the idea from the audience and market point of view. Will suggest how to show and sell it.


Will tell you about wrong ways to make design, teach you basing on his mistakes and will save your time.


The Park will be open for seven weeks:

Meeting each other and discussing project ideas

2 weeks

We create a chat, get to know each other, have fun. Each of the participants tells others about themselves and suggests project ideas. The participants have to form teams of 3-4 people. The teams agree on a project and fill out an application. All participants must be a part of a team and cannot apply on their own. If you did not manage to become a part of a team: to lead or to join one, you have to leave.

At the end of the second week we have a major conference call.

Project realization

4 weeks

All teams decide what schedule they follow, how to distribute the tasks, how to finish the project on time.

All teams communicate with the mentors in the public chat, no privacy. The teams show their progress in the common chat, it makes all the sense. All participants must be ready for unwanted advice. They do not have always follow them, but discussions are the main pleasure. You do not not work on your own one project, but follow other teams and understand what and why happens in their projects.

At the end of the second week we have a major conference call.


1 week

The teams need to prepare and publish a story on their project. All completed projects appear on this site with a mention of their creators.

Life after the Park

Всех ребят, которые справились со своими проектами, мы приглашаем в тайный элитарный многофункциональный дискуссионный клуб истинных победителей, а кроме того — в наши Уроки:

No money

Nobody pays anyone. Participating is free because we do not provide educational services and you cannot buy love. The projects must be non-commercial. It means they must not be made for an outside client. The project itself can offer something for money.

The park has opened, so now it is closed